Time tracking and productivity software

Software solution to improve your business productivity

Considering the critical state of the current economic scenario, it becomes increasingly important to speed-up the production process, reducing costs and eliminating the waste of resources, without sacrificing quality.

Top WTP by Soft-Net is an innovative software for companies, a useful tool for real-time monitoring the working phases, optimizing and increasing productivity.

It has a powerful yet simple and intuitive interface, accessible to anyone, regardless of technical knowledge.
Our system software is suitable for all small and medium-sized enterprises to large industries; Top WTP has also the ability to interface with any management software, thus guaranteeing a total traceability of the production process.

You can create reports to assess the productivity of the workforce and detect issues real-time, so you’ll be able to respond quickly to problems or loss of production.

Soft-Net WTP is also available for smartphone and tablet devices.
Contact us to test our production monitoring software for free, learn how to better manage your business.
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