Software solution for patent management

The perfect tool to manage and archive your patents

Top Brevetti is a powerful and affordable solution to manage your industrial inventions.
An easy-to-use, smart and complete software that will help you organize and archive your patents, wasting no time: forget paper archives, you can access your database from anywhere, with just your smartphone or tablet.

You can do a quick search or refine it using filters such as date, country, application and patent number, inventor.
You can also apply changes to a whole patent family with just a click, without losing time with Excel.
Our software is an effective solution for all the companies whose core business is innovation, totally customizable on specific needs.

Snap-on Equipment, worldwide leader in the mechanical field, chose to rely on our software solution to manage its patent archive.

Choose Top Brevetti to manage and archive your industrial patents:
  • Fast and easy to use
  • No installation required
  • No risk of errors or duplicate data
  • Secure access from anywhere
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