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Custom web solutions that meet your every need

Software and Web-based solutions for your business

Soft-Net develops software and custom web-based applications for best manage your business and make it grow.
With our software you can archive your business contacts, manage your daily tasks and your sales force. You can send custom newsletters to your mailing lists and view sales and marketing real-time performance data. You can access your data from anywhere, from your laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.Our expertise allows us to offer you the best product to meet your every need.
You can address us to integrate, customize and add new functions to the management software already in use in your company, create interfaces to quickly view data, charts and statistics.

You can count on next-gen software, highly configurable and reliable. You'll finally get a concrete answer to all your needs.

They have relied on our web solutions and software:
Easier data management
CRM, tasks and sales
Improve your efficiency
Monitor activities and working time
Fully flexible solutions
Compatible with all devices
Simple but powerful software
Don’t waste any more precious time
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